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Please read Psalm 96:11.

Bible verse:  

Psalm 96:11

Can you see the scriptural depiction in the artwork?

The image: Praises of Creation

What do you see?
 Praises of Creation

Now look at the image with your spiritual eyes.

Do you see the correlation?

What do you sense the Holy Spirit is saying to you?

Please Contact Us to share your thoughts. 

Thank you.

God bless you!

Victor West Founder/ Owner/ Minister/ Head Instructor

USAF Veteran, Retired;
Master of Theology, The King's University;
B.A.S., Interdisciplinary Studies, Dallas Baptist University;
Founder, Osebo & Chayah Agon martial arts;
Black Belt, Chinese Butou Tai Kyo Kuken;
Author, "Contend!"

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